Welcome to Jim Harper Ministries Online!


The vision of Jim Harper Ministries (JHM) is to continue the commission of Jesus Christ to tell others the Good News of the Gospel, train Christians to be the very best they can for Christ and help them find their place in this world. This is being accomplished by ministering to the hurting and the hungry around the world through the creative new tools for the new season in the church. JHM has a strong focus on helping families, orphans and needy children in the Former USSR - reaching out to help them in various ways.

Working in many countries around the world, Jim saw the need to train Christian interpreters. From this need he founded an organization called the “International Christian Interpreter Association.” On this web site we have posted a manual for training interpreters to be the best they can in helping other ministers spread the Gospel. You are welcome to use this manual for personal benefit or to conduct free training seminars.

This web site is designed to meet the ever-growing interest in the work of JHM. In order to serve you better, please contact us with any comments or questions. We welcome your interest and invite you to become a part of this great end time harvest work.


"Ministering to the Hurting and the Hungry Around the World"